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Mar 29, 2022

What is the “new reality” in healthcare that has arisen due to the pandemic and how has it affected the healthcare design and architecture professions? Cheryl’s special guest on part 1 of today’s episode is Barbara Dellinger, Director of Design and Research at Adventist HealthCare.

Barbara sheds light on the complex topic of current furniture and fabric specification around COVID. What is the CFFA 201 Healthcare Testing for Durable Coated Fabrics (DCF) and where does a healthcare designer begin to find best practices and current, reputable information on the subject? Barbara generously answers these questions and so much more on the changing face of healthcare design on today’s episode of the Healthcare Interior Design 2.0 podcast!

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Read the presentation from the 2021 HCD (Healthcare Design Conference) - The More You Know: Reduce Failures by Understanding Performance Requirements for Healthcare Durable Coated Fabrics and Surface Materials:

In Part 1 of Cheryl’s conversation with Barbara Dellinger, they discuss:

  • How has Barbara seen the patient experience change over the years?
  • The importance of evidence-based design (EBD) as seen through the eyes of an interior designer.
  • What makes a healing environment and what are some of Barbara’s favorite healing spaces?
  • What is the “new reality” and how does it relate to furniture and fabric specification around COVID?
  • What is the CFFA 201 healthcare testing for durable coated fabrics (DCF) and what does this mean for healthcare?
  • What is the Durable Coated Fabrics Task Group and what is Barbara’s involvement with this group?
  • Barbara discusses her work with the AAHID or The American Association of Healthcare Interior Designers.
  • What is EDAC and Barbara’s relationship with The Center for Health Design who offer the EDAC Certification?

On Part 2 of today’s episode, “What Would Barbara Do?” Lauren Banas, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Krug, a multi award winning furniture manufacturer of innovative commercial and healthcare solutions, is in the host seat!  Lauren continues Cheryl's conversation with Barbara Dellinger by asking her several specific questions about current furniture and fabric specification requirements.

The “What Would Barbara Do” segment of the podcast is a light hearted discussion about a very complex topic. Barbara answers questions that have been on the minds of healthcare design professionals continuously since the pandemic began in the US in 2020. Part 2 of today’s episode “What Would Barbara Do?” is available now.

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