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May 24, 2019

Today, I’m joined by Avigail Eisenstadt, CEO, Founder and Principal Interior Designer at AE Design Group. We discuss what is was really like for Avigail to land her first nursing home gig only one day after graduating from New York School of Interior Design, and her surprise of how much she loved it! We also speak about how Avigail blends her own unique style of hospitality design with her healthcare projects, and how healthcare won her over because of the profound and direct impact it has on the lives of residents, families and staff of the nursing homes, assisted living facilities and environments for aging she and her team design. Learn more about Avigail Eisenstadt and her firm AE Design group by visiting You can also reach out to Avigail directly by sending her an email to

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In this episode you will learn: 

  • How Avigail serendipitously found her first nursing home project just out of interior design school and how that put her on the road to healthcare design.
  • Avigail's answer to my question, "What makes a dream project the best nursing home/senior living community in the world?"
  • How you can still make an assisted living space beautiful with a limited budget.
  • When you have empathy for one of the hardest life transitions of an older adult into an assisted living space, you can then begin to design the very best space for a resident.
  • The family’s perspective when they tour a prospective assisted living facility and why the last room (where the family sits down to talk) is the most important.
  • The consideration of practical details to keep seniors feeling independent, like faucet in the bathroom has to be a level handle rather than a knob because it can be hard to grasp and turn.
  • The importance of considering the mindset of both the staff and the resident.
  • How a post occupancy evaluation of Avigail’s very first project shaped her vision of future projects.
  • The influence of high-end hospitality on healthcare design and how this has changed in the past 10 years since AE Design Group was established.


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