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Aug 14, 2020

In part 2 of Cheryl’s conversation with Jennifer Aliber, Principal at Shepley Bulfinch, Cheryl asks Jennifer, “What specific design changes will we see in the hospital and healthcare setting?” Jennifer begins to answer this question with, “I like to think about anything I don’t like as a patient because I know if I hate it, other people will hate it. This gives us an opportunity to rethink things like standing in line.”  Hear Jennifer’s complete answer to this question and so much more on the changing face of healthcare design on Part 2 of today’s episode. Learn more about Jennifer Aliber and Shepley Bulfinch by visiting

In Part 2 of Cheryl’s conversation with Jennifer Aliber, you will learn:

  • What does Jennifer enjoy about complex projects?
  • What does Shepley Bulfinch look for in those they ask to join their team?
  • How will Shepley Bulfinch address social distancing in common areas of the hospital or healthcare facility?
  • Why greenspaces are vital to all of Shepley Bulfinch’s projects as respite spaces and how that is now changing to multi-use areas.
  • How is technology playing a role in creating new best practices post-COVID.
  • What does Jennifer mean when she says, “I’ve suggested to owners for a long time that they have to stop thinking of hospitals and healthcare and they have to think about the entire world of experience?”
  • Is there a way healthcare architects and designers can help front line healthcare worker burnout and exhaustion?
  • The details behind Shepley Bulfinch’s 2020 AZRE RED Awards, Winner, Healthcare Project of the Year for Banner Health, Banner-University Medical Center Tucson, New Patient Tower.
  • The history of Shepley Bulfinch’s project at The Hale Family Clinical Building with The Boston’s Children’s Hospital.
  • How did Jennifer land at Shepley Bulfinch? What led her to healthcare architecture?
  • What will hospitals look like in the year 2040?

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