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May 15, 2020

Part 1, Linda Lybert, Founder and Executive Director of the Healthcare Surfaces Institute shares what healthcare design professionals most need to know about pathogens post-COVID-19. “We’re in the middle of a pandemic and the education on this is very real,” Linda shares. The fact is we really have to clean our surfaces in the hospital setting in a certain way and on an ongoing basis. This is critical.” This and more about the Healthcare Surfaces Institute and the “7 Aspects of Surfaces©” developed by Linda Lybert and available to download for free here:

For the last 20 years, Linda Lybert has been a crusader for awareness and change in the crucial area of healthcare surfaces. Working directly with healthcare facilities and manufacturers, Linda developed the “7 Aspects of Surface Selectionπ©” – the foundation of her Healthcare Surface Consulting business multi-modal solution to address all aspects of this complex problem.

With a clear understanding of the diverse areas of expertise all working on the same issue separately, Linda recognized a need for more research and collaboration of all experts and founded the Healthcare Surfaces Institute in 2016. This cutting-edge collaborative nonprofit brings key stakeholders together to raise awareness about the role of surfaces in the spread of infections and to drive new solutions to mitigate the incidence of HAIs. To learn more about Linda Lybert and the Healthcare Surfaces Institute, visit:

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In Part 1 of Cheryl’s conversation today with Linda Lybert, you will learn:

  • The 5-minute crash course on healthcare surfaces hygiene.
  • What is the Healthcare Surfaces Institute and how was it born?
  • Why are healthcare surfaces so complex?
  • What Linda’s research with shadowing teams of hospital facility managers, infectious diseases doctors, nurses and environmental services professionals revealed.
  • Why Linda believes there is no such thing as a high touch surface.
  • What did Linda’s behavioral observation research in the hospital patient room to learn what surfaces people in that setting were touching on an ongoing basis reveal?
  • What surfaces in hospitals create a rich environment for pathogens to grow? 
  • Why don't hospitals test walls for pathogens?

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