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Apr 10, 2020

Sara Marberry, EDAC, Healthcare Design Expert, Marketing Consultant, and writer on the short-and long-term effects of the current crisis on the healthcare design industry. Sara shares, “A halt on projects in the short term is not necessarily a bad thing. I think this will bring more renovation projects to make them safer to attract new residents in senior care facilities, for example.” This and how Sara’s career path changed at age 25 when she met Wayne Ruga at the San Francisco Furniture Mart on today's episode of the Healthcare Interior Design 2.0 podcast!

Sara Marberry has been a healthcare design expert, writer, speaker, and marketing consultant for the past 30 years. Her industry involvement is wide and deep, including board positions with The Center for Health Design and the Symposium on Healthcare Design. In 1993, Sara and her colleagues formed the nonprofit Center for Health Design, which has been instrumental in advancing the idea that the design of the physical environment affects patient outcomes.

Sara has written 4 books on healthcare design including:

  1. Power of Color
  2. Innovations in Healthcare Design
  3. Healthcare Design
  4. Improving Healthcare With Better Building Design

Aside from her client work with Sara Marberry LLC, Sara has worked with organizations on the front lines of healthcare, like the Joint Commission and Healing Healthcare Systems. She has done website projects with the Facility Guidelines Institute and the American Academy of Healthcare Designers.

Sara regularly blogs on current events and topics related to healthcare design and senior living design at

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