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Jan 3, 2020

Lisa M. Cini, Tech-Thought Leader, Best-selling author, National Designer for Senior Living and Aging in Place Environments, and Principal at Mosaic Design Studio on her purchase of the storied Columbus, Ohio Woodland Manor Mansion. Lisa (and her team) are in the process of transforming the mansion into a fully functional living experience to highlight the newest innovations in technology for senior and multi-generational living. She shares, “I was driving past this mansion one day, and I had always seen it on my drive home for about 20 years, and there was a for sale sign outside. And I thought, I’m supposed to buy this.” This and more on the marriage of high-tech and healthcare design for multi-generational and senior living. Learn more about Lisa M. Cini by visiting: and

Lisa’s latest book entitled, BOOM -  The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Leveraging Technology So That You Can Preserve Your Independent Lifestyle and Thrive is an #1 Amazon Bestseller. Lisa is also the author of Hive - “The Simple Guide to Multigenerational Living” and  “The Future is Here: Senior Living Reimagined.”

Lisa M. Cini has been published worldwide and she is a monthly contributor to national senior living websites and magazines. Lisa is considered a visionary in her field, and she is credited with developing repeatable, sustainable and durable designs that save her clients time and money.

Lisa has received a multitude of awards and honors for her design skills and business and leadership acumen, and has shared her senior living design expertise on the program “Today in America with Terry Bradshaw.”

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