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Nov 6, 2018

Join in this intimate conversation with Ana Pinto-Alexander, award winning Principal and Group Director for Health Interiors at HKS Architects.

When Ana became a parent of a sick child that needed help, it changed her life. She shares this incredible story with us, and talks about how this led her to design with greater empathy and hope, including the very hospital where her child had multiple surgeries!

When a bone marrow patient has to spend 30 to 40 days recovering in a sealed, germ-free room, there’s only so much TV she or he can watch, and only so much reading they can do. That’s when the fusion of hospitality and healthcare design helps create a supportive, hopeful patient experience. Ana shares what’s happening at the leading edge of this fusion between hospitality and healthcare design.

You’ll learn so much from this conversation with Ana Pinto-Alexander , including:

  • Tips for putting yourself in the shoes of the patients you are designing for and designing with empathy.
  • The importance of evidence-based artwork in medical spaces, even difficult ones like sterile recovery rooms for bone marrow transplant patients.
  • Doing research, learning from staff about their needs.
  • The role of a nurse respite area.
  • Gathering data on outcomes; the results of a new design.
  • Increasing patient and staff satisfaction through design.
  • Creating a sense of community and connection through design in long-term healing environments (oncology, etc.).
  • The benefits of integrated project delivery to eliminating waste and increasing learning.
  • The importance of wayfinding, iconic artwork, and color in pediatric facilities.
  • The relationship between holistic design, outcomes, and data in design.
  • The value of spending a night in a hospital and observing a surgery.
  • The ways hospitality trends are effecting healthcare design
  • Integrating biophilia without live plants and with the ability to clean and sterilize.
  • More effectively collaborating with clients and contractors and persuading them by educating about lifecycle cost and unexpected side-effects.

Grab your favorite cup of tea and lean into this heartwarming conversation with our generous, insightful guest Ana Pinto-Alexander .

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