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Jun 22, 2023

“We are seeing that they are greatly reduced in size. People are now able to check-in online. You are able to go into your space when it is your turn. Gone are the days of sitting in that bus station elbow to elbow, waiting room so we are seeing a reduction in size.” –Cam Twohey on The Healthcare Interior Design 2.0 podcast

Cheryl’s guest today on the podcast is Cam Twohey, AIA, WELL AP, NCARB, Associate Principal,  Senior Project Architect at Kahler Slater. On today’s episode, Cam shares the number one significant change that COVID created in healthcare design in her work including the end of waiting rooms, her favorite current projects at Kahler Slater, her volunteer work at The American Institute of Architects and so much more! Sit back, relax and enjoy Cheryl’s conversation with Cam Twohey on today’s episode of Healthcare Interior Design 2.0!

Learn more about Cam Twohey, AIA, WELL AP, NCARB, Associate Principal, Senior Project Architect, Kahler Slater by visiting:

In Cheryl’s conversation with Cam Twohey, they discuss:

  • What has changed most significantly in the last two years since COVID in healthcare that is affecting Cam’s work

  • Why are waiting rooms a thing of the past and what has replaced them?

  • Cam’s favorite current project and why

  • What’s it like when Cam works with many others on a project?

  • How is Cam’s role different at Kahler Slater then it was at her former employment as Senior Project Architect at HOK?

  • Did healthcare find Cam or did Cam find healthcare? Learn about her path to healthcare.

  • What’s it like for Cam to volunteer at The American Institute of Architects and how can you get involved?

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The prevention of nosocomial infections is of paramount importance. Did you know that bathrooms and showers – particularly in shared spaces – are a veritable breeding ground for pathogen, some of which we see in the form of mold and the build-up of toxic bio films on surfaces.

Body fats and soap scums provide a rich food sauce for micro-organisms such as airborne bacteria Serratia Marcescens, which thrive in humid conditions.

We know that people with weakened immune systems are so much more vulnerable to the illnesses associated with infection and let’s face it, none of us go into the shower with an expectation that we might get sick.

So how do we keep those shower walls clean? Well let’s think big – BIG TILES.

Porcelanosa have developed XXL Hygienic Ceramic Tiles that are 5 feet long - which means just one piece fits the wall of a shower or tub surround. XTONE Porcelain slabs are 10 feet high which means a floor to ceiling surface with no joints.

Why does this matter? Well hygienic glaze will not harbor pathogen and surface impurities are easily removed to prevent build up – it is reassuring to know the evidence - INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS Test ISO 10545 - Resistance to Stains -  has determined these surfaces can be easily cleaned and the most difficult contaminants washed away, greatly reducing the need for aggressive chemicals.

Think about this…When we unload our dishwasher our ceramic tableware is sparkling clean, sanitized and fresh to use - again and again. The principle is the same with large ceramic walls - So, when planning the shower surrounds for your facilities please reach out to Porcelanosa. The designer in you will love the incredible options and your specification will deliver the longest & best lifecycle value bar none.