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Jan 31, 2019

Join in this intimate conversation with Jocelyn Stroupe, Director of Healthcare Interiors At Cannon Design--an integrated global design firm that unites a dynamic team of architects, engineers, industry experts and builders driven by a singular goal: to help solve their clients’ and society’s greatest challenges.

My favorite part of the conversation was the wisdom Jocelyn shared around the humanity of healthcare design and how to bring in all parts of the project--economics, community, culture and the human experience.

With 25 years of industry experience, Jocelyn is a leading expert in the health market. Jocelyn thrives on uniting the disciplines of planning, programming, branding, and facility management with cohesive, comforting interior design. She is especially invested in understanding the unique needs of all users – patients, visitors, providers and staff – in their healthcare settings..

Jocelyn derives inspiration for spatial and interior design work from many typologies but finds various themes in nature particularly fascinating – patterns and color, relationships between humans and the natural world, the changing phases of plant life.

These studies provide Jocelyn with keen insights about placemaking and the design needs of people in these living spaces. As a result, her interiors evoke an optimism that creates positive experiences for patients, family, and staff. Jocelyn’s colleagues and clients appreciate her approachable, collaborative and genuine approach – and her intuitive approach to creating healing environments.

Jocelyn is a frequent speaker and contributor to Healthcare Design and the Center for Health Design, among other outlets, and she has recently been named to Healthcare Design’s HCD 10. The annual awards program honors professionals across 10 categories of nominees, shining a spotlight on the broad spectrum of stars and their contributions to our industry, specifically recognizing accomplishments over the last year.

Jocelyn has advanced Cannon Design to one of the most recognized in the industry – ranked the No. 2 Healthcare Interior Firm on Interior Design’s “Giants” List in 2017 and No. 5 Healthcare Design firm by Modern Healthcare in 2018.

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In the episode you will learn:

  • How more hospital clients are asking designers to create a patient and caretaker experience that sets them apart.
  • The importance of using both the right and left sides of the brain when designing a large scale human space.
  • How to get creative with patient-centered design decisions that meet certain criteria, including the budget.
  • How to have confidence when working with your strategic partners.
  • The process Jocelyn Stroupe and her firm Cannon Design used in the design of the 3.5-million-square-foot Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM), one of the largest healthcare projects recently constructed in North America.
  • How Jocelyn and her team at Cannon Design honored the natural environment of the island for the replacement facility project for Nantucket Cottage Hospital, in Nantucket Island, Mass., and how they honored two beach trees in the process.
  • Within one year of designing the 126,00-square-foot Kettering Cancer Center, Kettering’s market share grew, employee engagement improved from the 54th to 70th percentile, and patient satisfaction is now in the 90th percentile. How did this happen? Listen in to find out!
  • The best advice for healthcare interior designers just starting out.
  • Healthcare design trends for 2019 and beyond.
  • How hospitality is playing a role in healthcare design and whether this trend is here to stay.

Pour yourself a hot cup of tea and lean into this delightful conversation with our inspiring guest Jocelyn Stroupe.

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