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Jan 16, 2019

Join in this super informative conversation with Rebecca Brennan, principal and founder of Design Studio Blue, a design studio providing full-service interior architectural design services nationally.

Rebecca has been following her creative passion through the practice of interior design for over 22 years with a focus in healthcare design. Her knowledge of and experience with healthcare environments ranges from single practice clinics to international acute care medical campuses. 

I so enjoyed my conversation with Rebecca. She was incredibly generous in walking us through her (and her team’s) process of designing a hospital setting from the moment patients walk through the door, until the time they leave and every step in between.

Rebecca shares her experience and knowledge by speaking nationally about healthcare design and Integrated Lean Project Delivery.

Along with education, skills, and experience, Rebecca is a firm believer in continued growth through certification. Rebecca became a board certified healthcare interior designer through The American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers AAHID and has served as President Elect, President, and Past-President of the national certification board. She is a specialist in the areas of evidence-based design, sustainable design, lean project delivery, and healthcare interior design.

Learn more about Rebecca Brennan by visiting Design Studio Blue online at:

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In the episode you will learn:

* How Rebecca (and her team) solve the problem of unwanted noises like incessant beeping in the hospital patient room.

* What new healthcare interior designers can do to increase their empathy in the design of hospitals and healthcare settings.

* How hospitality is playing a role in the hospital setting

* What the consumer is asking for in healthcare design and how designers are listening.

* What is trending for 2019 (and beyond) in healthcare design.

* Why artwork is important and how to integrate color from the natural environment.

* What it means to look at the city or town surrounding a hospital to integrate landmarks into the hospital setting.

* What Integrated Lean Project Delivery is and how to apply it to projects.

* How to collaborate effectively with strategic partners like engineers and contractors and bring them onboard with compassionate patient-centered evidence-based design.

* What’s different today in healthcare design than it was 5 or 10 years ago.

* How to use color in the design of an Emergency Department that soothes the nervous system.


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