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Dec 20, 2019

Melinda P. Avila-Torio, NCIDQ, CHID, RID, CASP, LEED AP, and Senior Associate and Project Manager at THW Design on the need for private family rooms at senior living facilities. When a male executive at an assisted living facility was quietly in conversation with a resident, the resident suddenly and peacefully died. In order not to not alarm the other residents, the executive continued to softly speak to the woman, while holding her hand. According to Melinda, these types of experiences are on the rise and have created a need for dedicated and private family rooms. This and more on Environments for Aging design trends on today’s episode of Healthcare Interior Design 2.0 - The Lightning Round. Learn more about Melinda P. Avila-Torio and THW Design by visiting

*Please note this correction: The Ring Video, mentioned in the episode by Melinda, said to be brought into the 2009 Idea House was incorrect. The Digital Door View by FirstView Security is the correct name of this product. Home Technology Systems, Inc. was the vendor who brought The Digital Door View to the Idea House.  We apologize for this error.

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